Tactical switch  KV-D2P with mounting on the Basis rail and Picatinny rail.

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KV-D2P tactical switch for Basis and Picatinny rails is designed for combined devices :
«Perst-4 gen. 3.0», «Perst-4М gen. 3.0», «Perst-4P gen. 3.0», «Perst-3 gen. 3.0», «Perst-2 gen 2.0»
and flashlights : «Klesch-1 gen. 2.0», «Klesch-1+laser», «Klesch-2 gen. 2.0», «Klesch-2PS+laser gen. 2.0», «Klesch-2P gen. 2.0», «Klesch-2D gen. 2.0», «Klesch-2U gen. 2.0», «Klesch-2P-IK gen. 2.0», «Klesch-2D-IK gen. 2.0», «Klesch-2U-IK gen. 2.0».

KV-D2P tactical switch is not compatible with flashlights and combined devices of older generations.

Work of KV-D2P:

KV-D2P tactical switch performs the same function as the buttons on the body of the device it works with. The rotary switch is designed to adjust the brightness.


The “KV-D2” is made of D16T alloy with a black coating.

Ambient temperature during operation: from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С

Warranty period of storage and operation: 12 months.

In the kit :

“KV-D2P” tactical switch  1 pc.
additional rail  1 pc.
oval mount  1 pc.
plate mount  1 pc.
operation manual  1 pc.

To install the “KV-D2P” tactical switch , you need:
    1) Connect the KV-D2P to the product by plugging the plug into the connector after removing the rubber pad and aligning the contact parts. To detach the button, hold the retaining ring on the connector and pull it.
2) Install KV-D2P on rifle.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Black, Desert, Golden khaki