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Charging handle for rifles based on AKS-74U.

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RP-4 charging handle is a milled product made of D16T aluminium alloy.
Compatible with AKS-74U and rifles based on the  AKS-74U.
There are three more modifications available: RP-1 , RP-2 (for Vityaz SN and Saiga-9) and RP-3 (for Vepr-12).

RP-4 extends a regular charging handle to increase comfort during operation.

RP-4 is mounted on the regular charging handle by the screws from in the kit.

Weight: 14 ± 2 g.

Color: black or desert.

Overall dimensions: (20×22) + 3 mm

Working range of ambient temperatures: from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С

Guaranteed storage and operation period: 60 months

In the kit:

  • RP-4 charging handle – 1 pc.;
  •  Mounting screw – 3 pcs.;
  •  Manual – 1 pc.

To install RP-4 on rifle you need to:

1. Unscrew screws, take inner parts out of the cover , unscrew side screw.

2. Install inner parts on the regular charging handle, screw in side screw.

3. Put the cover on inner parts and screw in screws .

Additional information

Weight 20 g

Black, Desert, Golden khaki