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Designed for mounting flashlighrs of the “Klesh” series on weapons.

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B-9 rail is designed to be installed on bottom Picatinny rail of B-10M, B-10U handguards. B-9 forms a mounting position with Picatinny rail for «Klesch-1» or «Klesch-2» flashlights or laser designator, allows installation of RK-0, RK-1, RK-2, RK-4, RK-6 grips.


  • allows installation of flashlights and lasers designators maximum close to the barrel;
  •  allows installation of RK-0, RK-1, RK-2, RK-4, RK-6 grips.

Overall dimensions: 135 х 35 х 35 mm.
Weight: 68 ± 5 g.
Material: aluminium alloy D16Т.
Working range of ambient temperature: from -50 to +50 ˚С.
Warranty period of storage and operation – 60 months.

In the kit:

B-9 rail 1 pc.
Manual 1 pc.

To install on weapon, you need to:

  1. Loosen screws on the side of the rail.
  2. Install B-9 rail on bottom Picatinny rail of handguard, tighten screws.
  3. To install RK-0, RK-1, RK-2, RK-4, RK-6 grips on B-9:
  • Screw out screw that is fixing the plug, take off the plug.
  • Insert Т-like spike of the grip into T-like groove of B-9 rail.
  • Tighten screw.

Additional information

Weight 80 g

Black, Desert, Golden khaki