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Slingmount for Basis rail

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A-2L slingmount is a milled product made of aluminium alloy D16T with black and desert coating. Designed for installation on Basis rail by one screw (mount). Designed to mount a belt in suitable place on Basis rail. Basis rail is designed for installation of additional accessories directly on handguard (“Sport”, “Joker”, “U” lines).
Technical characteristics:
Weight of slingmount: 8 ± 2 g.
Overall dimensions: (35х28х7) ± 2 mm.

In the kit:

A-2L slingmount 1 pc.
Oval mount 1 pc.
Manual 1 pc.

To install A-2L slingmount, you need to::
– install oval mount on A-2L (the nut of the oval mount should not be tightened, so that the oval could freely rotate in Basis rail);
– install A-2L slingmount on Basis in such a way, so that the oval mount enters one of the grooves on Basis rail;
– by a screwdriver rotate oval mount until it stops.
Warranty period of storage and operation – 60 months.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Black, Desert, Golden khaki